Deep Thought

If you think about it, your head is basically the biggest buffet ever. For lice.

What If?

What if a capitalist society suddenly decided to give up some of its freedom and shoot its economy in the foot in order to save several million lives? Wouldn’t that be interesting? If a culture that stands for the individual freedom to earn and own suddenly flipped the script? That is what I see happening right now in America in 2020. The cost is high. And we will probably never know if it is too high, or whether it is worth it. But it is something I would not have expected of us as a culture, to value human lives over the economic machine. Personally I find that a very encouraging reversal.

Question your Reality

All the manners you have ever learned are actually extremely rude. Saying ‘bless you’ is a duel-worthy insult because it calls attention to a person’s moment of weakness. Knives should be set on the table with the blade out in respect for the warrior prowess of your companions. And speaking with your mouth full is a way to express that relationship is more important than your food. What things can you think of that would be “polite”?

Mini Rant

It kills me when people don’t commit to their mistakes. Particularly while driving. Like people that swerve back on the highway because they didn’t want to exit. Sure, that kind of mistake is hard to fix sometimes, but so is a car crash. Just commit, accept the consequences of your mistake, and move on.

Semblance of a Story

“My power is too much for you,” said the voice, condescension condensing on the words as on lemonade in summer.
“I will never yield to your evil ways,” I replied, summoning my last strength.
“Well then perhaps I can entice you with a boon,” said the voice, earie and distant.
“Nothing you can say will convince me!” I replied, pitting my will against my foe.
“Well dinner is on the table and it’s your favorite,” came the voice, smug in its triumph.
“Aw, come on, mom! Play fair.” I set down the stick I had been using as a wand and ran inside for dinner.

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “Life is a paradox. Just like me. Am I a dog? Am I a bear? Am I both? Probably it’s best to not label. Especially because in my heart I am really a fox.”