Deep Thought

Many people believe we live more than once and it is considered a spiritual belief. So it only makes sense that the counter belief ‘you only live once’ is also a spiritual belief.

What If?

What if you freaked out so much about some virus that you decided you needed to go buy toilet paper? Wouldn’t that be crazy? Just imagine, people are dying all around you, and it’s only a matter of time before you catch it. But thank your lucky stars you can clean your butt crack until you croak. Way to keep your priorities straight.

Question your Reality

Your primary function has become obsolete. Whatever your current job, pursuit, business, or way you spend your time has been outmoded. Yes, being a full-time parent included (robots now raise your children). What do you do next?

Mini Rant

I get frustrated with the current connotations of being “open minded”. It seems like this phrase is often used to mean “believes there is no absolute truth”. Personally I think these are different beliefs and should not be equated. I think you can be open minded and also believe in absolute truth. What one person perceives may be different from another, but that does not change that there may be a core truth at the center. I’ve heard a story about three blind men examining different parts of an elephant and reporting incorrectly about what kind of creature it is. Their perception differs, but there is still a truth, though it may be beyond their perception. To me, having an open mind means that I remain humble about my beliefs enough to consider a different perspective. It means I have empathy for someone who believes differently than me and can talk to them without being patronizing or condescending. You don’t have to stop believing in absolute truth to be “open minded”. Just let go your certainty that everything you believe is “right” and learn how to hear other viewpoints without offense, judgment, or disgust.

Semblance of a Story

“I can run faster, farther, and lift more,” I say, trying to gauge the reaction of the stone-faced doctor across the metal table. “But the most interesting part is the senses. I can hear through walls and see at night. I can follow someone’s trail based on scent alone and tell you any ingredient that was used to make a food. I’m telling you, this drug is the future. You need to use it for more than just creating super-soldiers. Can you imagine a human race with these abilities?”
The doctor nods slowly, his eyes dark and probing. “Just one hitch,” his voice is full of gravel and disdain. “You were part of the placebo group.”

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “When you fly Southwest, board early and put socks on your hands when you sit down. People will think you are weird and won’t try to sit next to you. Or if they do, they might ask about the socks, and then the ice is already broken. You’re welcome.”