Deep Thought

If dogs were once wolves, are wolves ashamed that the chihuahua is part of their legacy?

What If?

What if computers really are magic? I mean, they often seem like magic. I can hit a few buttons and information appears in a window of light before my eyes. What if all the fancy metal and silicone is all just a hoax? Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were wizards and found a way to hide magic right in front of us.

Question your Reality

Your closely held political beliefs are wrong. Pretend that. Let go of all the things you hate about “them”. Can you think of one positive thing about the views of the other side? For example (in no particular order), I think it’s great the Republican value of caring about people’s rights and protecting those it great. I think the Democratic value of equality for all is fantastic. Can you think of something you can respect about socialism? Communism? Dictatorship? One thing to be said for a dictatorship is that there is no need to deliberate in a committee. Things get done. Now I know the obvious counter to that is that terrible things get done. My point is that sometimes we need to take the good with the bad. We tend to focus on the things we hate. Can you lift yourself above that to find common ground?

Mini Rant

For those of you who aren’t parents of young kids, modern shows and movies have a tendency to throw up presentations on the screen that shouldn’t exist. Paw Patrol is one such offender. Somebody in the very Canadian town of Adventure Bay gets themselves into very minor trouble. Within seconds, Ryder throws up an animated power-point detailing the problem and showing the pups exactly what they have to do. Now this isn’t exclusively a kids show problem. I’ve wondered this same thing about adult movies too. The most recent in my memory being Star Wars. Whether it’s the original Death Star plan in Episode IV or the Star Killer Base plan in Episode VII, the question remains: who made the presentation, and how they heck did they do it so fast? Because of all the science fiction technology out there, I really want whatever software they are using.

Semblance of a Story

I stare down into the endless abyss of black water, my body rigid with fear as the boat rocks gently. I imagine something unknowable brushing my leg and a tremble overtakes me.
A vision of Mark’s enthusiasm cuts through my mind. I see him gesturing wildly to describe some new creature he witnessed beneath the waves, his eyes wide and full of passion. A passion I never shared with him in life. I close my eyes and hear his voice, barely a husk, whispers to me. “Don’t let fear define you.”
I wipe the tears from my eyes and pull the mask over my face. I surrender myself to the blackness, falling back into the embrace of the infinite waters, allowing my deepest fear to envelop me completely.

Dog Bear

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Dog Bear

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