Deep Thought

“Catch a cold” is a complete misnomer. As if I was chasing after a virus as fast as I could and finally caught up.

What If?

What if your dreams are real? They happen in an alternate dimension as if it is a real place, and that’s why they seem so real.

Question your Reality

History is a lie. French Revolution? Prank. Spanish Inquisition? Horror story made up by parents to scare their kids. Crusades? Anti-religious propaganda. What if you can’t know for certain what happened in the past? How do you feel about that? What would it change for you?

Mini Rant

It really bugs me when people do stuff while they drive (including when I realize I’m doing it). Driving a car places you and everyone else around you in mortal danger. Traffic fatalities are one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Just this morning I saw a woman putting on makeup in her car. People text. Or talk on the phone. The point is, when you are driving, freaking DRIVE. Your responsibility while driving is to keep yourself and others alive. When I catch myself doing something else, I stop right away and yell at myself “You are in mortal danger!” It works. You should try it.

Semblance of a Story

The red hotrod blew past me in the shoulder. “Bad move, boy,” I said, reaching for my siren.
My hand met air and I looked at it, surprised. I groaned, realizing I was off-duty. I grumbled to myself about life’s small injustices as I pulled out my phone to call state patrol.

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “People assume my past is dark, and they’re right. I spent several years at the bottom of the stuffed animal bin. You don’t want to know what happens down there.”