Deep Thought

If keyboards could talk, would they complain that someone pushes their buttons all day?

What If?

What if you could fly at the speed of light? Could you finally taste the rainbow?

Question your Reality

What if they’ve been lying to us about electricity? Maybe light bulbs are really full of enslaved fireflies. Imagine their suffering. Trapped in a bottle and forced to glow bright on command. You laugh. But what if they are inter-dimensional fireflies. What if every electron is actually a firefly in another dimension and we are enslaving them? Would you flip that switch?

Mini Rant

People only worry about protecting animals that are visibly cute. Kids TV shows are full of predators. Every predator trying to eat the main characters is the villain of the show and has to become a vegetarian by the end. But nobody blinks an eye when a whale swallows an entire culture of plankton. That’s like speciocide or something.

Semblance of a Story

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Semblance of a Story

Dirk stared at his legs, then at the boulder that had crushed them. He took a deep breath, then tightened the tourniquet on his first leg. He set his knife against the skin and immediately knew he couldn’t do it. Life without rock climbing wasn’t worth living. The search party eventually found him there, bled out from his wrists.

Dog Bear

Dog Bear says, “Life is like an oasis in the desert. Death is all around and you finally found water. But so did the lions.”

Can you think of a friend that would appreciate Story Snacks? If so, don’t even think about forwarding it to them. Dog Bear says “If you are going to forward an email, just don’t.” Instead, ask if your friend is interested. If they say ‘yes’, then (and only then) you have Dog Bear’s permission to send them a link to your favorite snack.

2 thoughts on “Story Snacks #3

  1. I like the firefly theory. What if we could experience the pain of their enslavement…or what if they decided to revolt…what would an inter-dimensional war look like with humans only able to fight with sticks and stones. Love you ideas!

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