Segments with (**) have dark or crude content. Please skip if that’s not your thing.

**Deep Thought**

If cannibals had a preference between light and dark, would that be racist or just picky eating?

What if?

What if humans found an ant species that secreted a flammable liquid, then genetically modified them to reproduce individually without a queen. Free energy for all or global ant invasion?

Question your reality

Everything you know about nutrition is wrong. Sugar, fat, dyes, and weird chemicals are your life blood. How can you cut vegetables and fruit out of your life? Is it even possible? Yes, I understand that goes against what we know. But just pretend for a second. You can’t eat any product that contains vegetables or fruit of any form. How much would you have to cut out of your diet?

Mini Rant

Actually the world was perfect this week. Nothing whatever to complain about. Just kidding. It drives me crazy when I ask people how they are doing and they say “can’t complain”. Because it is always a lie, even more so than saying “fine” or equivalent. I’m sure there is always something they could complain about. Maybe they should say, “not gonna complain” or “won’t complain”. That, I might believe.

**Semblance of a story**

Jira smashed the zombie in the skull with her shovel. Septic blood and brain matter splattered her face shield. Jira reached up and wiped the splatter off the clear plastic, then shoved the bloody mess in her mouth. She was convinced humans would have cured all the zombies years ago if their brains didn’t taste like bacon.

Proverbs by Dog Bear

Dog Bear says, “Life is like popcorn. Fluffy and buttery on the outside, full of razors on the inside.”

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