Deep Thought

If you read every book in the world, would the sum of the earth’s knowledge make you smarter than everyone or dumber for having never done anything with your life other than read?

Mini Rant

Group projects are the worst. In school, I was only the weakest link in the group once that I remember, but I felt so ashamed about it. Every other time, I pulled the team up the hill with my teeth, or so it felt. I always wondered what the point was. Well, it turns out, group projects were just setting my expectations for life. Every project I ever worked on in engineering had the same structure. Several people on the team didn’t pull their weight, so the burden fell more heavily on a few. Covid feels pretty similar, let’s be honest. So I guess those group projects really did prepare me for life after all.

Question your Reality

Aliens exist and you were on their list of experiments to pick up on their last trip. They bypassed you at the last minute because a little known fact about your life came to light. What do you think that fact is?

Semblance of a Story

My ancient enemy writhed at my feet, a pool of blood expanding around him as it soaked into the dirt.

“How?” he croaked. “You were cursed never to wield a blade.”

“You really should keep up with the times,” I said, my grin widening as I pulled back the hammer on my revolver.

What If?

What if someone found a lost human civilization under the polar ice caps when they melt? The civilization is extremely advanced and warlike, and sets out to conquer the new world. They also bear a plague of ancient bacteria that they have grown immune to, but modern humans have never encountered.

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “If you ever meet an assassin, ask why they kill. When they explain it was their job, you can shake your head and say ‘It’s always about the money’.”