Deep Thought

Imagine handing auto-correct to ancient people carving letters into stone tablets. The look on their faces when the next great auto-correct fail gets carved in stone… Priceless.

Mini Rant

Mosquitos. Seriously. What’s the point? Honestly, I don’t even care if they suck my blood. Like, dude, I’m willing to commit a small amount of a renewable resource to your survival. Just quit buzzing around my ear! It’s like the song that never ends, only worse. It’s like a mugger that makes you listen to a serenade before they take your wallet. Like just shut up and get it over with.

Question your Reality

Someone has stolen your core identity. You think your value comes from your intelligence and you now have brain damage. You think your value comes from your physical strength, and you are now paralyzed. You are loved because of how you serve others and everyone you serve is gone. Consider what, if lost, would make you unworthy of everyone’s love, and imagine that is stripped away from you. Do you have the courage to consider that perhaps you are worthy of love anyway? Just for being you?

Semblance of a Story

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Semblance of a Story

``Don't you have any other ways to kill people?`` asks the little flame.

I shrug. ``I like fire.``

``Don't you think it's possible for me to get tired of being wielded to kill?``

``Doubt it,`` I say, looking around for a way to wake myself up. I grow weary of these dreams.

``Could you suppose what might happen if I decided I was done serving an assassin?`` the little flame flickers.

This is new. ``Are you threatening to kill me?`` I ask.

``Shouldn't you be the expert on threats?`` says the flame.

I stare at the billowing fire for a long time until I decided to take it seriously. If I use fire as my implement for one more job, I might wake up a little too warm.

``Very well,`` I say. ``I'll go buy a bucket in the morning. Drowning has always intrigued me. Maybe water won't be such a whiner.``

What If?

What if origami came to life? Like when you made a little creature, it was imbued with power and could be like a familiar or pet. What would you fold?

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “Life is like a muffin. If you take the paper off, you get messy, but if you leave it on, you end up eating paper.”