Deep Thought

Mirrors reflect all angles all the time, whether you are looking at them or not. Probably.

Mini Rant

It should not be hard to recycle stuff that you can’t throw away. Like if I’m not supposed to throw it in the trash, then give me an alternative people! I know some places are better than others at this. But every time I try to get rid of something I have to spend a ton of time researching how to do it. For example, I just put a knife through our blender… Whoops. Not a terrible loss because it was already leaking and needed replaced. But now it’s really dead. But seriously, no one will take it! Everywhere I find says “You can’t throw it away, but we don’t accept small kitchen appliances.” And all I keep thinking is that hardly anyone is going to do all this work. Which means most people are throwing their stuff away. If I can’t throw it away, give me an alternative!

Question your Reality

Your parents are alien immigrants. Like from another planet or dimension. You didn’t find out until just today when you found the letter they never gave you. They left their war-torn world when you were born. No, you don’t have superpowers. What do you do? Tell everyone you know? Keep it a secret?

Semblance of a Story

Dark or crude content. Please skip if that's not your thing. Tap or hover to show.

Semblance of a Story

Lorpy's oars slid through the dark waters with quiet slurps, guiding his little boat ever closer to the metal cages that glinted in the sliver of moon. The water inside the cage was still, though that would soon change. A group of shapes slid out of the water as he approached, their hands gripping the bars of the cage as their glistening tails slapped at the water behind them. A sneer parted Lorpy's oily beard. Mer were nothing if not predictable. Hands reached through the bars, trying desperately to grasp his boat. Lorpy stopped just out of their reach, listening to their eerie shrieks as they continued to slap the water with their tails. They thought he was there to feed them. He supposed in a way he was.

Lorpy flung a pitchfork on top of the cage. The mer clamored for it as it fell between the bars. The chaotic frenzy in the water for the weapon widened his sneer into a broad grin. When hungry, mer became cannibalistic savages, killing each other just to eat. The teeth and claws were always removed, leaving the mer little way to kill each other. But properly equipped with any weapon... Well. That was another matter. His biggest competitor, Tinda, would never recover from losing this much of her stock, leaving Lorpy the sole provider of merscale in the region.

Oars creaked as Lorpy lifted them. He didn't see the pitchfork until it took him in the chest. Lorpy stared at it, confused. His eyes found the mer all watching him with a calm he had never seen in the creatures.

One of the things spoke. Lorpy didn't know they could do that. ``May the great deep show you as much mercy as you have shown us, oppressor.``

Lorpy toppled into the dark water.

What If?

What if fire turned traitor? It starts burning everything we thought was flame retardant and ignoring normal fuels. Water itself starts to burn. The oceans are on fire. Dry wood is our only salvation.

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “If your pet ever loses a limb, that is a great time to invent next-level prosthetics. Who wouldn’t want a cyborg cat?”