Deep Thought

They say too much salt can kill you. But if that were true, there wouldn’t be so many salty people alive out there. And I’ve met a few, let me tell you. So I’ll keep salting my eggs, thank you very much.

Mini Rant

It KILLS me when doctors run late. Like if I show up late, they are allowed to cancel on me and charge me anyway. I get that. Their time is valuable. But damnit, the same goes for my time. I’m taking off work to be there, because heaven forbid doctors work hours when everyone else is off work. But if I’m sitting waiting for 45 minutes in an exam room for what ends up being a 5 minute fly-by from a doctor because “sorry, one of my patients took longer than I expected”…. Umm, apology accepted, but I get my appointment for free, right? No? Well, if that isn’t a double standard, I don’t know what is.

Question your Reality

You wake up and all of your clothes, including your shoes, are five sizes too big. What story do you tell yourself to justify that reality?

Semblance of a Story

Foddle plucked at a strand and giggled. It vibrated, setting a volcano to erupt on a distant world. The lava was pretty. She plucked another strand, and a hole opened up between two planets, causing a black hole to devour them both. Her eyes went wide at the sight. Such marvelously beautiful lights. Like fireworks. She liked fireworks.

The piercing blue set off a chain of thoughts. She saw the threads for what they were, a woven tapestry of fate. Foddle blanched, realizing what she had just done, sending two worlds to their doom. Her mind raced, constructing an ad-hoc symphony that she plucked upon the strands of time, drawing the two worlds back from the brink if destruction.
She neared the end of her composition, but couldn’t remember the last note. Her brief moment of clarity was fading.

Foddle saw a vast tapestry of strings laid out before her, ripe for the plucking. She giggled and reached for one.

What If?

What if people could fly, but for every minute flying they had to spend a full day so heavy that they couldn’t move? Would flight be worth it?

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “If you ever find yourself with a festering wound, go find a sand storm. That’s the most efficient way to rub some dirt in it so you can get over it.”