Deep Thought

We all sell something to make money. Time, ideas, souls. But it would be weird if we paid taxes in the same way we make it. Like on tax day you owe 15% of your soul. Ugh. Taxes! Am I right?

Mini Rant

I completely and utterly loathe the phrase “as soon as possible”. It is the worst possible deadline because it is completely impossible to prioritize an ASAP task. For instance, I recently got an email that I needed to sign something ASAP, but that it has to be wet-signed. Well I was up in the mountains without a printer anywhere near me. So to me, “possible” was going to be at least four days in the future. When I asked if that was soon enough, it turned out, no, it really had to be within two days.
That meant I had to change my plans, go into town sooner than expected. Which was fine. I didn’t mind doing that. But it took a ridiculously long conversation to get an actual deadline. So maybe let’s just collectively outmode the term.

Question your Reality

You will lose your most valued sense tomorrow. That’s sight for me. What is it for you? And what do you do to enjoy the last day you have it?

Semblance of a Story

I sit next to the shadowed figure on my bed, putting my arm around his skeletal shoulders.

“Is there anything I can do?” I ask.

Grim sniffs and I hand him a tissue. After he blows his nose, he speaks, his words wet instead of the typical rasp. “Why won’t you just die?”

I rub his shoulder through the tattered black cloak he wears. “I don’t know, buddy. Try again tomorrow?”

Grim squares his shoulders. “Yeah. Sorry you had to see that. Just an off day.”

“More like an off decade,” I say.

A grating chuckle emanates from the empty cowl of his cloak. “I suppose.”

We let the silence stretch for a moment before he stands. Moonlight shines through my window to glint off the long-handled scythe he carries as he clears his throat. “Well, good night, Jack. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

What If?

What if someone found a real genie? In my mind, the most likely outcome is a lawsuit. Just sayin…

Dog Bear Says

“The wind weaves as it will. So does a weaver. They’re a bit alike in that way. Plus alliteration. So there’s that, too.”

2 thoughts on “Story Snacks 2.3

  1. Wouldn’t it be acceptable to take a picture of the signed document with your phone? Scanners seem unnecessary since most everyone carries one around in their pocket.

    1. Yeah I thought that too. But they sent me a digital copy so I needed to print it. Even so, if the end result is a digital copy, the fact that it had to be a wet signature but scanning and emailing was still okay just didn’t make sense. If I had to wet sign and mail it, that would make sense. Oh well. Not everything makes sense. Plus it gave me material to write about… so… it’s a win.

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