Deep Thought

Libraries are a pretty socialist idea when you think about it. Tax money paying for free access to books for all? But there are other things libraries provide. Who wouldn’t pay good money to teach everyone the skill of being quiet? Like one of my deepest fears in life is hearing a librarian say “SHHH!”. You can BUY that kind of fear in other people. With libraries.

Mini Rant

This one is edgy, so I am going to attempt a more neutral tone. I think people’s refusal to wear masks is a misdirected form of protest. While the core value to protest government over-reach is valid, I think refusing to wear a mask is a non-beneficial way to do that.
Let’s pretend I think traffic laws are an over-reach by the government. I think traffic lights should be a suggestion. In protest, I start running every red light I come across.
Is it my right to protest traffic laws? Yeah, absolutely. The problem isn’t the grievance itself. It is the chosen form of protest. Endangering other people as a form of protest does not endear me to anyone and does not help my cause.

Question your Reality

Turns out we live in an alternate dimension. We are just a possibility of what could have been if the real you hadn’t made the better choice. In the real world, you are the best version of yourself. In this alternate world, you are actually a worse version of yourself. Who do you think you are in the real world?

Semblance of a Story

The illusionist scratched at his head as he sloshed through a puddle. He had been so close to earning a night out of the cold rain at the lord’s manor. If only the stupid rabbit hadn’t jumped out of the hat at the worst possible time. He tapped the hat with a finger. “Your fault we have to sleep outside tonight.”

A corner of roof offered a small respite from the downpour. He removed his hat and the little rabbit bounded away. He scratched at his head again, peering out into the shadows where the little beast had vanished.

“Really?” he shouted. “After everything we’ve been through?” He itched his head again, then paused as realization dawned. “Hey, rabbit. Come back! I’ll deal with the lice.”

What If?

What if dancing was a form of magic? The climactic “dance off” fight would be next-level-epic.

Dog Bear Says

“If you ever ride an elephant, take up quilt-making and let the elephant watch. Elephants are smart. You might just wind up with a quilt-making elephant. Wouldn’t that be fun?”