Deep Thought

Surviving in the desert must be tough. I mean, think about growing thousands of spikes on your skin just to keep from being eaten. That’s how the cactus do.

Mini Rant

I have read quite a few non-fiction books. There comes a point in most of them where I wish they would just list their main points at the beginning. Like, I’m halfway through the book, and they just finished explaining to me why I should care about what they are saying. Dude, I already bought your book! Don’t waste my time explaining to me why I should read your book. Tell me the stuff. Then put the rest in the appendix to back up what you’re saying. If I want to read it, I can. But just stop beating around it. Tell me the point already!

Question your Reality

The way you poop isn’t normal. It suddenly comes to your attention that your stools are anything but typical. What would you attribute this to and try to change?

Semblance of a Story

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Semblance of a Story

A cargo pilot ferrying settlers to the newest world cluster will be in court starting Monday on charges that he vented the oxygen supply to the passenger cabins, asphyxiating all fifty-seven passengers, including eight children. Investigators have reviewed the ship's log, but all cameras were deactivated shortly before the venting.

The pilot could not be reached for questions, but snuck out a partial statement several months ago using a stolen mobile device. ``This is Billy Pagget, Captain of the Dauntless. I was framed. A man in a space suit tampered with the air support systems. My brother-in-law tried to buy my ship last year but I refused. I drafted paperwork to change the beneficiary just a week before--`` The pilot was cut off by the IED before saying more. The chief prosecutor says the ``man in a space suit`` defense will not sway a jury and is confident of a guilty verdict.

What If?

What if ships really had a semblance of a soul, and they could be captured by putting a replica of the ship in bottle? It’d be like the black box recorder they have on planes, but for seafarers. Who are the people that go find those bottles?

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “If you ever get hungry, eat a parasite. That will keep you and the parasite well fed.”