Deep Thought

I think it’s funny that people “run” for office. I would have loved to see a footrace between Trump and Biden. Not a “winner takes the presidency” type of thing. But it could prevent false-advertising lawsuits.

Mini Rant

I hate flies. Not in general, you understand, but when they get trapped. I’m trying to work, right, and then a fly gets stuck in the blinds or the light. Buzz-buzz-smack. Well, now I forgot what I was doing. Buzz-buzz-buzz-smack. Sigh, stupid fly, that’s glass, not a door. I guess I should go put it out of its misery. Well, where are you fly? Make a sound. SILENCE. Ugh, I guess I’ll start working again. I finally manage to pick up the threads of what I was doing. You know what’s coming now. You can feel the inevitability. The buzz must always start again. And it always happens when you least expect it.

Question your Reality

Ever get annoyed by our measurement of time? 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds, 100 milliseconds. Not easy numbers to multiply and divide. Turns out there are other possibilities that never really took off. For example, there is a decimal clock system. 10 hours, 100 minutes, 100 seconds. Maybe we should switch.

Semblance of a Story

The ground shifts beneath me, threatening to send me to my knees. My muscles ache, screaming in protest that they won’t take another step without precious sustenance. My mind refuses to complete even the most basic task other than taking the next step toward the object of my desire. An annoying droning sound penetrates the fog around me and I realize it is a voice. I hold up a hand to forestall conversation, then take a sip. I groan in pleasure as the wonderfully bitter herb suffuses my throat. My eyes focus on the person across the small table from me, my body finally beginning to function as she speaks again. “Wow, you really don’t wake up without your coffee, do you?”

What If?

What if music healed all diseases? Only novel music works. Once a song has been heard once, the power is lost. Remixes don’t work and making a slight variant of a song is only partially effective. The demand for new music is high. What do composers do to solve an epidemic?

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “Time is like sand. It gets stuck in places you didn’t know you had.”