Deep Thought

Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a pet dragon. And then I realize how annoying it would be to clean up their poop from the yard.

What If?

What if your possessions disappeared? Like all of them. Poof. Everything you have gathered for yourself over the course of your life and stashed away in little hidey-holes. If that’s a little tough to imagine, just think that your house got burned down or flooded or something. But everything is gone. Here’s the big question. Would you choose to accumulate those things again? What is the ideal amount of material possessions for you? And were you anywhere close to that before your stuff disappeared?

Question your Reality

Your diet is poison. As in everything you currently eat is killing you. Alcohol, wheat, sugar, dairy, coffee. Even the fruit and vegetables you eat. What would you try to eat to stave off starvation?

Mini Rant

You know what kills me? Seemingly meaningless traffic. When you are stuck in the worst traffic of your life and it suddenly disappears and you are blazing along again like nothing happened. Like, seriously… What in the… There could have been a good reason. Or someone could have hit their brakes. But good grief. It almost makes me want to stop driving entirely.

Semblance of a Story

I am always in search of perfection. The perfect weight, the perfect flatness, the snug fit into my hand. The feel of the throw to get that extra skip on the crystal water. I’m going for a record fifty skips. After years of searching, I hold the perfect stone in my hand, feeling the rough smoothness of it. As I throw, I realize I will never find another stone like it, and I am about to throw it in the lake.
In that moment of hesitation, the stone slips through my fingers, landing with a devastating splunk. Not one skip. The rage I feel at myself is hard to describe, so I settle for “GAAAAAAA”. I pick up a stone at random from the side of the lake and hurl it with all my fury. It skips. Ten. Thirty. Forty five. Sixty. I’d have to check the video to be sure, but I swear it skipped eighty-eight times. The perfect throw.

Dog Bear Says

Dog Bear says, “On your next Birthday, ask for a shoulder of beef. Then you will have a shoulder to cry on. Plus you can make stew. It’s a win-win.”