Deep Thought

If rocks had feelings, would moon-rocks on earth get homesick?

What if?

What if the first giraffe was just a horse that stretched his neck after his mom told him not to, and — as mom warned — it stayed that way?

Question your reality

Gravity is a lie. Try that for a second. What if we are wrong about gravity? What if we all stick to the earth because of invisible glue? When we jump, the glue stretches, but only so far before it pulls us back. Try it. Figure out if it makes sense or not. Ok, obviously not. But can you think of another explanation that makes more sense but is still different from the common theory?

Mini Rant

I think I’ve mainly heard this in movies/TV, but it really gets me when married people say “you aren’t the person I married.” There are cases where that is appropriate rhetoric, but the underlying expectation is faulty. Let’s say you get married at 25. When you are 67, do you really want to be married to that immature 25-year-old? Life is change, expect it.

Semblance of a story

Jake handed a five to the homeless man.
As they walked on, Holly asked, “Aren’t you concerned about him buying booze?”
Jake shrugged. “Not really. We are headed to the liquor store after all. Why shouldn’t he have some too?”

Proverbs by Dog Bear

Dog Bear says, “If you want a pet koala, make sure you plant an apricot tree first. Koalas only eat eucalyptus, but you will have tasty apricots to cheer you up when your koala starves to death.”

Explanatory note: Who is Dog Bear? Well it started off as a game I played with my family. We had a stuffed animal that looked like either a dog or a bear (unclear). I would come up with the most ridiculous pairing of ideas I could think of and make them into an abomination of a proverb that Dog Bear would then say. This is Dog Bear’s first public appearance, so be gentle with your criticism.