Dropped: A Dreamlight Story

Status: Available


When a new employee makes a rookie mistake, Janice has to weigh the safety of a loved one against letting loose a nightmare.

Delve into a world where the boundary between dreams and reality can be crossed and where the difference between a good dream and a nightmare is a little bit of dreamlight.

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Dread CoverDread: A Dreamlight Story

Status: Complete – Trying to find a market for it


After the events of Dropped, a team of paramilitary agents must clean up the mess. Will Ash and her team succeed at containing the threat?

Mystery Project #1 and #2

I’m not allowed to post any information about these on my website because it could disqualify me for the Writers of the Future contest. One is sci-fi spacish and the other is fantasy. I am waiting to hear back from Writers of the Future on #1 and #2 is currently in the hands of my beta readers.

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